News from Guilsfield ADS

We spent the first part of lockdown reading plays on Zoom.  The announcement that the Liverpool Novia Scotia International Theatre Festival would take place online this year came at the right time.  The Festival directors are Vic Mills and Neil Maidmen from South Wales, so luckily we received the details.  The brief was to write a short play lasting 5 – 10 minutes on the theme of Family, and to rehearse and record it under local Covid regulations.


Three of us set to work writing plays – interestingly the 3 who had been on DAW Summer Schools – and 4 plays went into rehearsal, outdoors and on Zoom.  Sadly 2 written by John Parkinson fell to illness and Covid restrictions, hopefully to surface later on YouTube, but we have entered 2 for the Festival. 


“Five Kilograms From Sheung Wang” written and directed by Malcolm Graham is a look at the sometimes violent and shocking links between the UK and Hong Kong through the story of one couple and their families.  The link to watch it is


“With Love from your Daughters” written and directed by Sue Jones shows two sisters talking about their mother’s final years and sharing their memories of her from their childhood. The link is


We’re not holding our breath for the Festival results, there are amazing entries from groups all over the world, but we have enjoyed doing something so different and being involved in such an amazing project.