Put a classic Hitchcock comedy thriller on stage


The Lady Vanishes

 Adapted by Derek Webb from the original novel by Ethel Lina White – on which the classic

Hitchcock film was based (8m, 9f or 5m, 8f with doubling)


This new stage adaptation by Derek Webb is based on the original book, but aficionados of the classic 1938 Hitchcock film will find this play version just as gripping, with a good dose of humour.  By going back to the original novel, the play tries as much as possible to capture the 1930s feel of the original. Much of the comedy will be derived from playing up to the attitude of those mid-war years in terms of character and accent.

On a train headed for England is a mixed group of travellers, one of which, a wealthy young woman – Iris Carr – befriends elderly Miss Froy. But then, after lunch, Iris wakes to find the old woman has disappeared. Mysteriously, the other passengers deny Miss Froy ever existed.  What secrets are the sinister Doctor, the fierce Baroness, the so-called honeymoon couple, the vicar and his wife and the garrulous spinster twins hiding?  

Meeting up with Max and his friend the Professor, Iris determines to get to the bottom of the mystery – a quest with possibly fatal consequences.  And as Max and Iris try to find answers to the mysterious disappearance, romantic sparks fly. 

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