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It is with deep regret I am writing this to let you all know that Lon David passed away on Friday 24th February, 2017.

Lon was a strong supporter of DAW serving as a member of the Executive Committee from 2006 - 2013 and was instrumental in bringing us into the 21st century by setting up and our current Web Site with Ben Wheeler, Director of Copper Bay Creative Ltd. Lon also maintained the site until Leon Searle took over about 2 years ago. Until her sudden death she continued to maintain our Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

Lon was a perfectionist and that came through in everything she did and once Lon set her heart on something, she never gave up on it until she had achieved her goal.

A firm supporter of the One-Act Festivals entering every year for the past 12 years and achieving so much along the way.  In 2010 The Unknown Theatre Company represented Wales at the British Final Festival of One-Act plays with their production of Cotton Girls by Scott Tobin. After a taste of what could be, Lon’s dream was to win The British Final. If you knew Lon you knew what determination meant. Lon with cast & crew of The Unknown OUTCasts, along with Jan Palmer Sayer GoDA and DAW Chair Teri McCarthy

I am so pleased and privileged to say that this determination paid off as in 2016 at the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff, The Unknown OUTCasts, (Older The Unknown Theatre Company) were crowned British Champions with their production of Contractions by Mike Bartlett. Little did anyone know then what the future held!

A consummate professional, Lon was an inspiration to all she met. She has been instrumental in helping and encouraging many a young person to achieve their goal and not to be afraid of believing in themselves.

Jane Donoghue, producer of the Unknown wrote about Lon, ‘Despite her start with musicals and her contribution to the younger cast members, Lon will always be remembered for her passion in directing one act plays – 25 of them in fact over the years; for the Glamorgan Drama League, one act play festival. Renowned amongst cast for her enthusiasm, dedication and single minded determination to make the best show she possibly could, Lon always gave 100% to everything; whether it was running scenes again and again, trips to Ikea for pieces of set, sorting out sound or lighting cues or making posters. Her attention to detail was second to none.  The company feels very privileged to have known Lon, both personally and through her work, and there are many young people, whose lives have been made richer and more dramatic from her shared loved of all things theatre!’ 

On a personal note, I loved Lon dearly and I am going to miss her more than words can say. She really was my right hand throughout the run-up to the Festivals and the Glamorgan Drama League’s, ‘Glammies’. We would spend hours and hours emailing and talking to each other. Lon absolutely LOVED theatre - be it musicals or plays and her love was inspirational to so many young people. Finding new talent gave her such a thrill and teasing me by saying, ‘wait until you see him/her on stage, WOW’, and actually making me wait was one of her favourite things to do.

Lon with husband John HughesOn January 7th this year, Lon married the love of her life, John Hughes, both knowing their time together would be short, yet both celebrating their special day with as much enthusiasm as any new bride and groom as can be seen in this photograph. I would personally like to thank John for taking care of our dear friend Lon till the end.

I know life goes on but for me there will always be something missing as I don’t have a ‘Lon’ anymore. You see, I have struggled to write this because if ever I had something to write that was important then I would always turn to Lon for help. In fact, I would often joke with her saying, ‘everyone needs a Lon’. And now when I have to write one of the most important things ever, she isn’t here, there is no Lon. I don’t have her to turn to anymore.


Lon David leaves behind a legacy that will last for a long time. Thank you Lon.

Good night, God bless Lon. Sleep peacefully and one day we’ll chat again. As your dear husband John said, "I know that you have found your Sunday In The Park With George."

Love always, your heartbroken friend. Teri xxxx




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Festivals 2017

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Gwent 10 March

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Glamorgan 23-25 March

Conwy 31 March - 1 April

South Breconshire 7 April

Montgomeryshire 28-29 April

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Wales Final 2017

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