British Final Festival of One-Act Plays 2019

British Final Festival of One-Act Plays

The pinnacle of all the regional rounds, across the four countries: all the months of rehearsing, travelling and last-minute nerves.

At the end of June/beginning of July, the winner of the Wales One Act Final represents the country by competing against their English, Irish and Scottish counterparts at the British Final Festival of One Act Plays.

The British Final moves around the four countries: in 2020, it will come back to Wales.

The Best Production winners of the British and Welsh Finals are listed on their own pages Winners of British One Act Final Festival and Winners of Wales One Act Final Festival.

Rules for the Festival can be found here (PDF 1.36 MB)


British Final Festival of One-Act Plays 2023

Friday 30th June & Saturday 1st July 2023

The MAC Theatre, 10 Exchange Street, West, Belfast, BT1 2NJ

Adjudicator TBA



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At the close of the festival a traditional highland Quaich is passed onto the following years organisers.  This four handled "Cup of Welcome" represents the four countries with the engraving "British Final of One-Act Plays. Ludit qui bene laborat. Laborat qui bene ludit" (He is playing who works well. He who works well is playing).






Updated March 2023

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