Regional Associations in Wales

A 'Regional Representative' is voted, by their Region, to represent their views on the DAW Executive Board.

The expectation of regional representative is as follows:

1. To filter back any important information that is discussed at the DAW Executive Meetings that is relevant to their region.

2. To feedback any news from their region to the DAW Executive Board.

If unable to attend a meeting they are asked to send their apologies and complete the form below to enable their regional information to be fed back even their absence. Regional Report (WORD 361KB)

It is recommended regional representatives attend as many meetings as possible, either in person or via Skype. If they are unable to attend 3 or more meetings per annum, then it is advisable that a new representative is appointed.

Regional representatives are the mainstream and very valuable members of the DAW Executive Board. They have the same responsibility and voting rights as elected members of the DAW Executive Board, this has been verified by the Charity Commission.

It is important that all regions throughout Wales are represented on the DAW Executive Board, therefore it is the regions responsibility to appoint a representative.

Failure to have active regional representation on the DAW Executive Board may result in regions missing vital information.

Although not essential, it is recommended that a regional representative becomes an individual member of the Drama Association of Wales.

Currently there are seven area organisations:


Anglesey Drama Festival


Anglesey Drama Festival


Clwyd Community Theatre Association



Clwyd Community Theatre Association

Contact: Richard Jones email:


Conwy Drama Festival



Conwy Drama Association

Contact: Jonathan Hughes email:


Glamorgan Drama League



Glamorgan Drama League

Contact: Teresa McCarthy email:


Gwent Drama Association




Gwent Drama Association


Montgomeryshire Community Drama Association



Montgomeryshire Community Drama Association

(covering north and central Powys)

Contact: Judith Marvin  email: 





Pembrokeshire Drama Association


South Breconshire

Contact: Angela Evans email:


Each area group has a representative member on the DAW Executive Committee.
For further information, please Contact Us.

Updated May 2021

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